Douglas Fir

Leave all your fears behind as you enjoy our industry-leading 25-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY on all our Douglas Fir Pergola kits. Plus, all of our kits are constructed exclusively from #1 Grade rough sawn SFI Certified* timbers — *See timber descriptions below for more details.

EXPERIENCE THE DOVETAIL DIFFERENCE:  Western Timber Frame kits feature an award-winning Post-to-Beam Dovetail Connection System. This innovative design not only makes installation faster and more convenient, but the dovetail also creates very strong, rigid corners. Over time, as the timbers expand and contract with changing seasons, these dynamic joints maintain a close-fitting connection, minimize gap exposure and reduce typical twisting and warping.Save time and headache during installation, get superior strength and quality, and extend the life and beauty of your investment with the remarkable Dovetail System!

DOUGLAS FIR TIMBERS:  Douglas Fir (DF) is the number one choice by Architects and Engineers for structural timbers. It is dimensionally stable and universally recognized for its superior strength. Its high density provides excellent nail and plate-holding ability. DF has documented better performance against strong forces such as winds, storms and earthquakes. DF timbers are perfect for a wide range of projects, with the ability to be used both indoors and out, it is the most versatile material for nearly any building project.