Pressure Treated Pine

The Pressure Treated Pine that we supply is without a doubt the highest grade PTP that is available today. What we sell is a #1 grade DSS (Dense Select Structural) which is at the top of the list in the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau Standard Grading Rules for Southern Pine Lumber. This creates a pine pergola of exceptional strength and durability.

Here are the major advantages of Pressure Treated Pine Pergolas:

#1 DSS (Dense Select Structural) .40 ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quat)

  • Cut from a slow grown tree
  • Ground contact lumber (meaning that every component of the kit, even the 2×2 top slats, is made with lumber that is designed to be able to be buried in the ground for the life of the lumber without rotting)
  • Tighter rings
  • Twice the density
  • Twice the strength, meaning you can make longer beam and rafter spans between support posts without sagging
  • Very few knots
  • Very low amount of edge wain. Usually none.
  • Not as prone to warping and cracking due to it being cut from a slow grown tree
  • This is marine grade lumber for use above the water line
  • Safe pressure treatment (does not contain arsenic)
  • Insect resistant

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